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Today feels much like yesterday, except now in the date section of my check book is written /12 instead of /11.  Luckily I don’t write many checks anymore thanks to great online banking, but I do get to crack open my brand new daily calendar book with 365 days of blank pages to fill in.

I’ve never been much for rowdy New Year’s Eve celebrations; they’re mostly excuses for drunken bingeing and rabble rousing – things that seemed much more entertaining during my college days than they do now.  I do enjoy more subdued celebrations with close friends that also leaves time for quiet personal reflections of how I’d like to approach the coming fresh year.

This year I’m in Virginia spending the weekend with my sister.  And last night I retired to my room early to just read and think – sounds a little boring, huh.  But for me it’s invigorating to quietly say goodbye and hello while wondering how life may unfold in the coming days and months.

2012 brings a sense of trepidation; between the various predictions of geologic turmoil and the upcoming vicious campaign attacks among Presidential hopefuls, the year feels challenging at its start.

So my commitment to myself is to generate hope, peace and unity within – and offer it out to others in my small world.

May this new year of 2012 offer meaningful challenges that yield insight and personal growth to all.

What are your personal reflections to share?

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