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First morning coffee always tastes better on our bus, a 36 foot RV that we call home periodically.  Nestled in the tiny back bedroom, supported by fluffed pillows on the bed and a steaming cup of Joe, life is so much simpler and streamlined.

This home is maybe 300 square feet (with the living room slide extended) and has everything we need within its fiberglass walls, including two of our six member animal brood.  The tiny kitchen has all appliances within arms’ reach making it possible to prepare real meals, which we do everyday.  By applying some creative organization, just about any dish can end up on the kitchen table.

Recreational Vehicle

Image by *Grant* via Flickr

Ever since we acquired “Mr. Bus” back in 2000, I find myself yearning for the road periodically.  Its freedom.  Its adventure.  Its simplicity.  And its interaction with “salt of the earth” kind of people.  All facades are dropped on the road.  It’s as though this private world gives permission for authentic interaction among fellow humans.

A phone book sized guide to campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada allows us to wander aimlessly and still wind up at a decent place for the night, or maybe two or three nights – depending on our wanderlust mood.  It takes us about 15 minutes to hunker down, power up and turn Mr. Bus back into our vacation home.  He’s not fussy or fancy, nor is he shiny and new – but he is comfortable  and cozy.  Within these confining walls lies spaciousness for thoughts and dreams.  Then back on the road we go to wander some more.

So as I take the final sips of coffee on my last morning in Mr. Bus before heading home from our Thanksgiving getaway, I appreciate the opportunity to be here and look forward to our next adventure.

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